How to navigate through Brightspace

This article explains how to navigate through Brightspace. If you access Brightspace either directly or via Osiris, your landing page will either be the WUR Brightspace homepage or the Course homepage, respectively.

This article will show you how to:

Navigating the WUR homepage

The WUR Brightspace homepage is the entry point to access all the courses you follow. Here you will find all the necessary information regarding the courses you follow and system announcements.

The WUR homepage contains several fixed widgets to help you navigate through the Brightspace environment and find everything related to your courses: 

1. Minibar

The top menu is called the Minibar and it contains navigation and personal profile settings:

  1. WUR icon - this icon is always available. By clicking this icon you will return to the Brightspace WUR homepage even from a Brightspace course page
  2. Waffle – this is the course selector that can be used for searching and navigating to other courses. You can also pin active courses, which will stay on top so you can easily find and access them.
  3. Message alerts - notifies you about unread mail and instant messages from instructors and other students.
  4. Subscription alerts - notifies you about new blog posts, subscribed discussion forums, topics, and threads.
  5. Update alerts - notifies you about new and updated announcements, due dates and end dates, and grades. You will receive update alerts when teachers add new content to the course and when announcements, grades or deadlines are published. An orange dot will appear when there are any updates.
  6. Your profile - contains all information regarding your profile and account settings. You can also log out of the Brightspace Learning Environment.
3. My Courses

At the top of this section you will see tabs. These are clickable and offer an easier navigation between the courses you are enrolled in. The tabs will appear according to what courses you are enrolled in - by academic year, study program, other training pages.

Below you will then see a thumbnail view of all courses you are enrolled in. By clicking on the thumbnail you will enter the Brightspace course page.  

4. Search in course guides

Here you can search for course guides of other courses offered by Wageningen University & Reasearch.

5. Announcements

These are general WUR announcements about the Brightspace environment (eg. maintenance notifications).

6. Calendar

Upcoming events, from all courses you are enrolled in.

7. Work to do

All assignments with due or end dates appear in this widget. They are listed chronologically: overdue work will appear at the top of the list, and upcoming items appear below. If there are more than six items available, View all work will take to a new page with all recently overdue work and all work for the upcoming year.

Navigating the course homepage

The Course homepage is the online environment of the course you are following at Wageningen University & Research. Each course has its own space but always has the same structure. 

Brightspace course homepage

The homepage of the course contains 5 widgets that are always visible. Each of the widgets informs you on different aspects of the course. However, you will still have to check the content for updates and information relevant to the course. To learn more about the functionality of each, see Homepage widgets below.

1. Minibar

On top of the page, you will find the (white) minibar. This is fixed for each page you visit within Brightspace. To return to the home page, click on the WUR-logo on the left.

3. Announcements

If you want to learn how to work with Announcements, please visit:

4. Search in course guides

Here you can search for course guides of other courses offered by Wageningen University & Reasearch.

5. Updates

If you want to learn how to work with Updates, please visit:

6. Calendar

If you want to learn how to work with Calendar, please visit:


You now know how to navigate through Brightspace!

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