How to use Virtual Classroom (Pulse)

Virtual Classroom is a way to have classes in the electronic learning environment. 

This article will explain:

  • how to access and use the Virtual Classroom in the Pulse app.

How to use Virtual Classroom in Pulse

1. In the Pulse-app, select the course from the Courses list

2. Select the [module] where Virtual Classroom is located

3. Select the [topic of Virtual Classroom] from the list

The information page of the Virtual classroom meeting opens:

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. When the meeting has started, you can join using the blue button Enter Meeting Room. If the meeting is only scheduled in a future time this button will be grey (and not yet clickable).

6. Choose to join with the meeting via Microphone or Listen Only

When successful, you will receive the notification You have joined the audio conference.

Virtual Classroom also contains a chat function for you to ask questions directly during the meeting.

7. To exit, click the three vertical dots  in the upper right corner of the black screen.

8. From the drop-down menu click Leave

If the meeting was recorded, you can re-watch the recording after the meeting ended. However, be aware that the processing of the recorded meeting can take a few minutes.

When processing is complete, press the play button to start watching the recording.

You now know how to use Virtual Classroom in the Pulse app!