About Unicheck precheck settings

Apart from an assignment in Brightspace, your lecturer might require from you a submission to Unicheck. Unicheck is a plagiarism tool replacing TurnitinĀ®.

This manual will explain:

Student precheck Unicheck Dashboard

Only if a teacher has enable the Student precheck in the Unicheck assignment, the Drafts folder will appear.

In this case, the teacher has given the students 2 precheck(s) before submitting their Final Submission

For more information on submitting a student precheck, please visit: How to submit a student precheck for a Unicheck assignment

Unicheck assignment opening in a different tab

Once the file has been uploaded the Similarity score will appear.

Student precheck settings

Explanation of each setting

You have the option to:

1. Open document

1. Click on the name of the documentĀ (in this case Draft report )

Click the name of the document (in this case Draft report)

This action will open your assignment in a new browser tab. You can go through and check your report.

The report opens in the Unicheck iframe
2. Upload a new file

In this case, the teacher has allowed 2 prechecks. If you upload a new file you will no longer have another precheck

A pop-out page will open with options of where you want to upload your file from:

1. Click on one of the icons

Choose from where you want to upload your file from

Select this option if you wish to Add a file stored on your computer

Google Drive

Select this option if you wish to Add a file stored on you Google Drive


Select this options if you wish to Add a file stored in your Dropbox

OneDrive Files

If you are using this option for the first time you will be prompted to sign in first. Click the button to sign in and you will be automatically signed in to your WUR OneDrive. In the next step you will be able to see its contents, the folders and documents of your personal WUR OneDrive.

Select Ā from your WUR OneDrive.

3. New file

Can create a new Text Document within Unicheck iframe

1. Give a title to the New Text Document

2. Write or Copy & Paste Text

3. Click on the green Create button

New Text Document
5. Add to Assignment

If you are satisfied and wish to submit your assignment as your final submission,

1. Tick the box next to the document, and then

2. Click on Add to Assignment

Tick the box next to the name, and click on Add to Assignment

After this action, you will be redirected to the assignment homepage in Unicheck.

3. Click on the blueĀ Final Submission button

Click on the blue button Final Submission to submit

After this action, a message will appear on the top right corner, saying you have successfully submitted the file.

4. Click on theĀ xĀ to close the browser tab with Unicheck

File sucessfully submitted message appears on the top right corner, click the x to close the tab

You now know about the Student precheck settings of an Unicheck assignment!