Brightspace Course Home: Announcements and CalendarHow to import/export/print a Calendar

How to import/export/print a Calendar

This article will show you how to export your Brightspace calendar to your private calendar, like Google Calendar and the calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

More information on Calendars can be found:

In the navbar click on My Brightspace, from the drop-down menu click Calendar

Enabling external calendars

1. In the Calendar homepage click on Settings. This will open the Settings pop-up menu.

2. Tick the box Enable Calendar Feeds.

3. Click Save

There should now be an option Subscribe. The Calendar is now set up to import and export calendars.

Exporting a calendar from Brightspace

Brightspace will export the calendar as an iCal-link (.ics file). Make sure the importing environment supports this.

1. On the Calendar homepage, click Subscribe. This will open the Calendar Subscriptions pop-up window

2. Under Calendar Subscription it is possible to select which parts of the calendar need to be transferred. Options in the drop-down menu are:

  • All Calendars and Tasks
  • Tasks Only
  • All calendar items of specific courses

3. Select and copy the link. This can be used to create a link in the external calendar

4. It is also possible to Download the calendar as a separate .ics-file

  • The generated link will subscribe the external calendar to (parts of) Brightspace. Any changes in Brightspace will also be applied in the external calendar
  • The Download option is a one-time event; any changes in the calendar will not be updated automatically, but will have to be manually downloaded again!

5. When done, press Close to close the pop-up window

Printing a calendar

1. Select the agenda that needs to be printed. Select All Calendars to print the items of all courses

2. In the Calendar homepage, click Print, this will open the Print pop-up window

3. Tick the box Show Branding to include the titles of the selected agendas

4. Under Display options select:

  • Show event details; will include the details or description of the items in the print
  • Page break before each event; will print every event on a separate page (Not recommended! Please consider the environment!)

5. Under Event Range the following options are available from the drop-down list:

  • Print all events
  • Print events prior to; print all events that occur before a specific date, enter this date
  • Print events starting; print all events that occur after a specific date, enter this date
  • Print events between; print all events that occur between specific dates, enter these dates

6. Click Update Preview to update the Print Preview (7) after any changes made above

7. Print Preview will show a preview.

8. Click Print, when in the university environment, this will open the Print window for the WUR

9. Select the Destination printer (BW, Colour, PDF)

10. Click Print

You now know how to enable external calendars, export a calendar from Brightspace and print a calendar!