Completion Tracking | How to keep track of your progress in Brightspace

This article will show you how to keep track of your progress in Brightspace.

First, navigate to the course where you would like to see your progress. Then,

1. Click Content

  • The number next to the module indicates the number of topics to complete.
    • In this example: in week / Theme 1, there are 3 topics to finish:
      1. a Web Page to visit (Instructions how to add text in the editor)
      2. an Assignment to make (Assignment 1)
      3. and a Quiz to take (Screensteps Quiz)

2. Click the module

3. If you have completed a topic, tick the selectbox on the right side.

Navigate to Content, then select module where you have to complete tasks

You will notice your progression bar above the content topics of the module. The progress bar will update automatically as you click the selectbox!

Progress bar updates automatically as you tick the selectboxes of the items

You have now completed 1 of the 3 topics (33.33%). Also, the number next to the module name will be updated: now, this will be a 2.

You now know how to keep track of your progress in a course in Brightspace!

Want to know more about keeping track of certain content?

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