Email | How to use the Email tool in Brightspace

Brightspace allows you to communicate with your classmates and teachers via an integrated feature of email.  

This article will show you:

How to access the Email tool:

How to send an email via the Email tool

Accessing email from the WUR Homepage

Navigate to your Brightspace course and hover to the email icon

  1. Click on the Email icon, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Email
email from WUR Homepage
Accessing email via the Email tool

Navigate to your Brightspace course, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on Communication, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Email
Communication | Email tool
Accessing email via the Group tool

Navigate to your Brightspace course, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on Communication, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Groups
Communication | Email through Group tool
  1. Find the group you want to send an email to
  2. Click on the Email icon
Email icon in groups page

Sending an email via the Email tool

This action will open the Compose New Message page,


Compose new message page
1. Add email recipients

On the Compose New Message homepage,

  1. Click on the Address Book
Click on Address Book

A pop-up window will appear,

2. Click on the Selectbox next to the name of the student to individually select the recipients


Click on the Selectbox at the top of the column next to First, Name; Last name to select the entire Classlist

3. Click on either To, Cc, or Bcc in blue letters located  above the table to add the recipients (they will appear in their respective fields)

in the pop up window select email recipients by ticking the selectboxes in the table, then click To (in blue letters) located above the table

It is important to wait for the pop-up page to refresh for the recipients to be properly added to the Recipients field.

  1. Click on the blue button Add Recipients
Wait till the window refreshes, then click Add Recipients button

The pop-up window will close, and the Compose New Message page will open. The recipients selected from the address book will appear.

2. Email subject

The subject of an email drafted via Brightspace will start with the Course name (example: Beginner's course). This is to make it easier for the recipients to distinguish from which course they received the email since it is sent via a generic Brightspace email.

3. Email body text

In the body of the email, text, links and images can be added.

For further information, on the HTML Editor, please visit: How to add text in the Editor

4. (Optional) Attachments
  1. Upload - To upload a file from your computer
  2. Record - To record a Video or an Audio message
  3. Choose Existing - To add existing activities
5. (Optional) Email signature

It is possible to set up a signature for emails sent via Brightspace.

For further information on the email signature, please visit: How to edit Settings in the email

6. Send email

Once you set up everything click the blue button Send at the top of the Compose New Message page.


You now know how to send an email via the Email tool in Brightspace!

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