Bookmarks | How to use Bookmarks

In Brightspace you can bookmark the content of your course to facilitate for yourself where to find certain content that you deem important.

These bookmarks are per course, so you cannot bookmark content and store bookmarks across the course pages in one place.

Why use Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are very useful to quickly get access to for example Powerpoint Presentations or PDFs.  

How to add and delete Bookmarks?

First navigate to your course page. Then,

1. Click Content where you want to bookmark its content

open your course page, then click Content

You will now see the Content modules of your course. Here,

  1. Click the module where you want to bookmark certain information in
    • for example: you want to add a Bookmark to the Course contacts. Click the module Course Information where the course contacts content item is placed.
  2. Click the file you want to bookmark (in this example Course Contacts)
Click the module, then click the item you want to bookmark

The content item will now open in a new page.

4. Click the Bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the screen

click the icon of bookmark in the upper right corner

The bookmark icon will fill out and turn black.

To delete a bookmark, simply click again on the Bookmark icon of a bookmarked item. The Bookmark will now disappear

Where to find the bookmarked items?

  1. Click Content in the course you want to see the Bookmarks
  2. Click Bookmarks (the number will indicate the number of course items bookmarked)
To view all bookmarks, click Content, then Bookmarks on the left side

The bookmarked item(s) will appear in a list with the original title, type and module name where the item is originally located.

It is not possible to change the order of the bookmarked items. Any new bookmarked item will appear at the end of the current list of bookmarks.

To remove the item from the Bookmarks list, click the arrow next to the name of the bookmarked item, then click Remove Bookmark.

You now know why Bookmarks are useful, and how to add, delete and find them!

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