Discover | How to unenroll from a course found in Discover

Via the Discover tool in Brightspace, teachers or support staff can choose to make a course available to all students. As a student, you can remove yourself from the classlist. This article will explain how to:

Unenroll from a course

From the green navigation Bar:

  1. Click on Discover then
  2. Click on Browse all Content
1. Click on Discover then 2 Browse all content

A list of courses will appear. Then go and:

  1. Click on Sort: Most Relevant, to expand the menu of options
  2. Click to select the filter Already Enrolled
3. Click on Sort: Most relevant 4. Select Already enrolled

This action will result in a display of the list of the course you are enrolled in, at the Discover Database.

  1. Click to enter the course you wish to be unenrolled
From the list that appears 5. Click the course you wish to unenroll
  1. Click on the ...(three dots), and
  2. Click on Unenroll
6. Click on the three dots and 7. Click Unenroll

A pop-up message will appear, confirming that you have been successfully unenrolled.

  1. Click on OK
You have been unerolled from the course

You know now how to unernroll from a course found in Discover!