Pulse app | How to use the Pulse app? - Android

Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app for students to stay connected and keep track of Brightspace courses.

It gives an easy view of course calendars, readings, assignments, evaluations, grades and activity feed. The app can help make better decisions on how to handle the workload. For example, when to submit assignments, and when to prepare for tests. Real-time alerts will inform students when classes are cancelled, rooms are moved, or new grades are available. The schedule view and weekly visualization enable you to quickly take a glance at what is due during the day, the week and upcoming across all your courses.

This manual will show how to:

Using Pulse

Installing Pulse

On your device, open the Play store app and search for the  Brightspace Pulse application.

1. Then click on Install


Open the app and swipe the introduction until the 4th page,

2. Click on the white button Get started and permit location access for the app

Get started

3. Type Wageningen University & Research in the search engine

4. Click  Wageningen University & Research when it comes up

Search for Wageningen - Click on Wageningen University & Research

You will be navigated to the Login screen of Brightspace

5. Login with your WUR username and password

6. Click Sign in

Open the Sign in Brightspace (WUR) - enter WUR account and password, then click Aanmelden/Log in

Pulse is now installed with your account information!

When opening the Pulse app, you will automatically be navigated to Courses,

1.Click on the Upcoming tab to look at past and future events. It is also possible to add activities

2. Click the Courses tab, to view a course

3. Click the Notifications tab, to view your notifications

Courses homepage

1. Click Upcoming

Courses homepage - Click on Upcoming

Three tabs are available:

  • Below the tab, Work To Do you will find the activities for that week from Activities and Content you have added a due date for. The graph will show you how busy your week will be. Click on a day to see the activities from that day below the graph. Note that this is an overview of all activities in all courses
  • Below the tab Events, you will see the calendar items from your Calendar for the selected week
  • Below the tab All you will see the combination of Work To Do and Events

2. Click on a day, this will show the Work To Do and/or Events for that day. The graph will show you the number of items per day that week

3. When you are finished with the task click on the dot and then select Mark As Complete at the bottom of the screen

Click on day to see event of the day

Clicking on an Event or Work To Do will open the details of the item on the Brightspace website

Any New Event or Work To Do will only be visible by yourself, and only in Pulse; they will not be added to the Brightspace environment

4. Click on the plus sign (the button will be on the top or bottom right corner of the screen)  to create a new Event or Work To Do

Click on Work to do - if the checkmark is grey click on it then click on Mark as complete, click on the + to create a new event or work to do

5. Click on either Event or Work To Do

Work to do/Event
New Event

1. Enter a Title for the event

2. Use the drop-down menu to select the course the event belongs to

3. Enter the date and time of the event

4. (Optional) Enter a location (for example the room for a group work event)

5. (Optional) Add additional information or notes

6. Click Save

Create an event page - enter title, select course, select date and time, location and add notes, click on save
New Work To Do

1. Enter a Title for the Work To Do

2. Use the drop-down menu to select the course the event belongs to

3. Enter the date and time of the Work to Do

4. You can add a percentage that indicates how much the activity will weigh for the final course grade 

5. Click on Save

Work to do page - enter title, select course, select date & time, add grade worth, then click on save

1. Click on Courses

2. Click on the Course Tab, to view a course 

Courses homepage - Click on Upcoming

If the image of the Course is gray, it means that the course is not available yet. It will be unlocked at the set date.

You will land on the content page of the course. You can navigate through the documents of the course

3. By clicking the three dots icon in the top-right corner you can:  

3 dots

4. Launch Course Homepage, this will redirect you to the browser version of Brightspace

5. Remove offline course files, this will remove all the files from your device

6. Pin/Unpin a course, for easy access and to keep track and overview of the courses relevant to you

3 dots

Note: you may miss information (such as descriptions) since you will only see uploaded documents. Therefore, make sure to go to the Course Homepage on an internet browser for a complete version.


1. Click on Notifications

Courses homepage - Click on Upcoming

You will see the tabs Updates and Subscriptions

  1. Under Updates, you will see the changes made in the content of a course
  2. Under Subscriptions, you will see notifications of the discussion topics you are following


Notifications page - there are 2 tabs one for updates and the second for subscriptions

Below Subscriptions, you will only see the text that has been added to the discussion. For any media, you will see a notification in the text, but you will still have to open the discussion in the browser.

Subscriptions tab

Brightspace Pulse for Android now displays in Dark mode when Dark mode is enabled on your Android device. Using the Dark mode can reduce eye strain and conserve battery power. 

You now know how to use the Brightspace Pulse app!