YuJa | How to use the YuJa player

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This article will show you how to use the YuJa player.

This article is composed of an instruction video as well as written instructions if your prefer to read step by step.

Video instructions

Written instructions

  1. Click on the Play icon
Yuja video

As the video is playing, the options of the YuJa Player menu bar appear, from left to right you will find the following options:  

Command bar
  1. Play/Pause: Click the icon to start or pause the video

Once you pause and close the video, YuJa will give you the choice to resume the video where you left it or to start from the beginning

  1. Volume:
    • Click the icon to mute/unmute the video
    • Hover the cursor over the icon to adjust the volume level 
  2. Progress bar: Drag the ball to any point in time to go to a point in the video
  3. CC: Click the icon to show/hide closed captions. For newly created videos, automatically generated captions will be available
  4. Sidebar: Click the icon to display a new tab with various options
more details about the various options in Sidebar

Navigate through the options by clicking on the icons

  1. Index: Show the different chapters/topics within the video, when created by the owners
  2. Slides: Give all the slides attached to the video, when available
  3. CC: Show all the closed captions of the video. By clicking on a closed caption, you will be redirected to the specific moment in the video where that text is spoken.
  4. Notes: Show your notes. You can add notes that will only be visible for you. Notes can be downloaded as well  
  5. Resources: Shows an overview of all additional files attached to the video
  6. Search: Search function to go through all the text within the other menus. By clicking on the search result of your choice, you will go to that point in time of the video
  7. Shortcuts: Display a list of the shortcuts you can use while watching the video. See few examples with the picture below


  1. Full screen: Click to open or exit full screen mode
  2. Settings: Click to display a window with different settings you can adjust
more details about the different settings you can adjust
  1. Speed: To adjust the speed of the video
  2. Quality: To select the preferred video quality
  3. Show thumbnails: Shows different thumbnails from the video. When clicking on them you are redirected to the point in the video
  4. External player: Click to open the video in a new browser tab
  5. Go back 10s: To rewind the video for 10 seconds
  6. Caption settings: To change the language, font, color and more setting of the captions


Now, you know how to use the YuJa player!

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