Discussions | How to edit the settings for Discussions

In Discussion settings, it is possible to select the ways in which topics and posts are displayed, in which way you want to value default posts and whether you follow your own threads automatically or not. These settings are about how Discussions are displayed to you personally.

This article will show you:

How to access the Discussion tool

How to navigate

There are two ways you can navigate to the Discussion settings

Via the WUR homepage

Navigate to your course and hover over to your User profile

1. Click on your User profile, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click on Account Settings 

Click on your name or profile picture a drop down menu will appear click on Account settings

This action will open the Account Settings page,

3. Click on the Discussions tab to access the Discussion Settings

Account Settings tab
Via the Discussion tool

Navigate to your Course, in the green navigation bar,

1. Click on Communication, a drop-down menu will appear

2. Click on Discussions

Navigate to Discussions

This will redirect you to the Discussions homepage of your course,

  1. Click on Settings
Discussion homepage - click on settings

Discussion settings tab

There are several settings that can be edited

Personal Settings & Grid View Settings

Discussions Settings - Person and Org Unit settings
1. Display Settings

Always show the Discussion List Pane - Selecting this option will pin the Discussions List pane in the View Topic and View Thread pages

Discussion List Pane

Display deleted posts - Selecting this option displays deleted posts when browsing topics

1. Restore Thread - to restore Thread

Display deleted posts
2. Default View

Grid View -  Selecting this option will display the discussion posts in the traditional Grid View, with post subjects displaying in a grid

Grid View

Reading View - Selecting this option will display the discussion posts in Reading View, where the entire text of a post displays for all posts

Reading View
3. Reply Settings

Reply Settings - Selecting this option includes the original post by default when composing a reply

Reply Settings
4. Subscription Settings

Subscription Settings - When creating a new thread, subscribe to the thread by default


Grid View Settings

Here you can select which info is included in the grid:

Grid View Settings only applies when selecting the Grid View as Default Setting and not Reading View!

Discussions Settings - Grid view settings
1. Default Threading Style

The default threading style used when accessing topics

Threaded - to see all posts belonging to a thread together 

Threaded Style Overview

Unthreaded - to see all posts in chronological order

Unthreaded Style Overview
2. Display Settings

Show the Preview Pane - Selecting this option displays the lower Preview pane in the Grid View. If this option is not selected, clicking on a post in the Grid View will open the post in a pop-up window

Preview Pane

Show the Search - Selecting this option displays the Search fields in the Grid View

Search Bar
3. Post Fields to Display

Post ID - Selecting this option displays the Post ID for posts in the Grid View

Post ID - column appears
4. Character Limits

Characters Limits - to limit the number of characters in the title of the post

Subject characters to Display - The number of characters of the Subject to display for each post when browsing topics. Must be an integer between 1 and 150.

You know now how to edit your settings for Discussions in Brightspace!