How to use Bookmarks

This article will provide you with information about Bookmarks:

  • Why use Bookmarks
  • How to add and delete Bookmarks
  • where to find bookmarked items

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Why use Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are very useful to quickly get access to for example Powerpoint Presentations or PDFs.  


How to add and delete Bookmarks?

1. Navigate to Content of the course you want to add Bookmarks to

2. Go to the module where you want to bookmark certain information in: for example, you want to add a Bookmark to the Course guide. Go to Course Information.

3. Go to the file you want to bookmark: Course guide

4. Click the Bookmark icon on the upper right of the screen

To delete a bookmark, simply click again on the Bookmark icon of a bookmarked item. The Bookmark will now disappear

Where to find the bookmarked items?

1. Go to Content in the course you want to see the Bookmarks

2. Click Bookmarks: the 1 indicates that 1 file is bookmarked

You now know why Bookmarks are useful, and how to add, delete and find them!