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Assignments | How to find the assignment of your course in Brightspace

Does your course require you to hand in a report or another type of file to an assignment? Here are a few details you should not miss when submitting your work in Brightspace.

There are two types of assignments: Individual and Group. In case of an individual assignment, you can simply proceed to submission based on the instructions of your lecturer. However, in case you are expected to hand in work as a group, make sure you are enrolled in one (this might depend on the setting of the group enrollment created by your lecturer). For group self-enrollment visit: How to subscribe to a group in Brightspace with self-enrolment

In this article you can review how to access your submission link for your course assignment:

In Brightspace there are different ways how to access the link for submission of your work to an assignment.

1. Access through Content

If your lecturer has added the assignment link to a module or submodule in the Content you will find it as an item there:

Assignment link in Content

Click on the link and it will take you to the submission page of the assignment.

2. Access through Assessment tab

In case you cannot find the assignment link in Content you can navigate to the green navigation bar and click on Assessment. From the drop-down menu click on Assignments.

Click on Assessment tab, then select Assignments

This will open the Assignments homepage with the list of all available course assignments:

Assignments overview

In the table you will see the name of the assignment, the Completion Status, Score, Evaluation Status, and Due Date.

Be aware, if there is a group assignment in your course and you are not enrolled in a group you will not be able to see it in the list, thus access it and submit your work.

Optional: Access through Calendar

You can also access your assignment through the course Calendar. This option is available only if your assignment has a due date set in Brightspace, which is then transferred into the course Calendar.

To open the assignment from the course homepage you have two options:

  1. Calendar box:
    1. Click on the date in the Calendar for the events of the date to show in the Upcoming events box,
    2. then on the event in the list of Upcoming events.
  2. Upcoming events box: It is possible the event is visible already in the list of the box Upcoming events, then click on the event right away.
Course home - Calendar entry

Once you click on the event, it will take you to the event's details. You will see the Course name, the Due date and the link to the submission page of the assignment. Click on the link.

Calendar entry - event detail


Now you know how to access your assignment in Brightspace!