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Assignments | How to review my submission's TurnitinĀ® Similarity score

When your lecturer creates an assignment with TurnitinĀ® plagiarism check, you are able to review your Similarity score. Be aware, there are certain file requirements in order for the Similarity report to be generated. You can review this information here.

In this article, you can read about how to access the Similarity score of your submission.

Viewing a Similarity report is not always possible as it depends on how the lecturer has set up the TurnitinĀ® assignment.

First, go to your Brightspace course page where you made the submission. In the green navigation bar click on Assessment, then select Assignment. You will land on the Assignments homepage.

In the Assignments homepage navigate to the assignment with TurnitinĀ®, then click on the status (#Submission, #File) of the assignment submission in the column Completion status:

Assignments homepage - turnitin submission - click status

In the new page you will see overview of your submitted file(s) to the assignment with its (their) respective TurnitinĀ® Similarity score(s).

After submitting your files to an assignment it might take a little while for the Similarity score to be calculated. Refresh the page or return after some minutes to view the score.

To view the report on a submitted file click the score:

Assignment - Submission history - click Turnitit Similarity score

A new tab in the browser opens with your file in the TurnitinĀ® Feedback studio, where you can see the highlighted similarities of your report.

New tab with the assignment and its Similarity highlights

You can leave the page by closing the tab.

To return to your assignment submission overview click on the browser tab of Brightspace.