How to use Discussions

This article will show you how to use Discussions. It offers the possibility to hand in an assignment, to consult, to ask questions or to discuss with other students

1. Navigate to Communication in the navbar

2. Click Discussions

You will now land on the Discussions homepage. Here, you will find an overview of all discussion fora and topics that teachers have created. This is the Discussions List.

Discussions contain multiple components:

  • In a Forum, you are able to discuss with fellow students
  • This is done within one or multiple Topics
  • Within a Topic, you can create one or multiple Threads

A teacher can choose to create separate Topics/Threads for certain groups. Which components you are able to view, depends on the settings configured by your teacher

Topics and Threads

A Topic is an area within a forum where you can post and read messages. Within a Topic, there is the possibility to create a Thread. How to create a Thread:

1. Go to the Discussions homepage and click a Topic

2. Click Start a New Thread

3. Add a subject

4. Add a description

5. When creating a thread, you will automatically receive notifications if someone reacts to your thread. If you do not want this, uncheck the box Subscribe to this thread

Optional: Add attachments

6. Click Post


In the same way, it is possible to Reply to a Thread. Click on the title of the Thread you would like to react on, and click Reply to Thread. A similar screen as above will be shown

You now know how to use Discussions in Brightspace!