Calendar| How to subscribe to a Calendar

Use the Calendar tool to arrange and visualise course events in multiple views and enable the integration of course content and your Calendar.  You can subscribe to a Calendar to get updates directly to your mail.

Use iCal feeds to access your Calendar events outside of the learning tool. With iCal feeds, you can view your course events in external calendars such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, and on mobile devices such as iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones, and Android phones.

Subscribing to an iCal feed syncs your external calendar application or device with the Calendar tool, keeping you updated without logging in to Brightspace Learning Environment. Refer to your device or application instructions for adding an iCal feed, as each application can have a different method for managing iCal feeds. (Source)

Subscribing to a Calendar

1. In the Calendar page, click on Subscribe.

Calendar page- Subscribe button

A window pops out where you can choose the calendar you want to subscribe:

Calendar Subscription options

2. Choose the preferred calendar that you want to be subscribed to. By default, All Calendars and Tasks will appear as the first option. This means that all Calendars and tasks are added to my Calendar. The second option is Tasks only which will only subscribe you to the tasks.

Furthermore, you have the option to indicate which calendar you want to be subscribed to. The calendars displayed here are the ones of all courses that you are added to, so it is possible for you to integrate the calendar of other courses into one.

3. Based on the setting you have indicated at option 1, an URL will be displayed. This link is the link to your chosen calendar (See here for more options: Exporting a calendar from Brightspace).

4. Click the button Download once you have your calendar.

5. Press Close to finish the process.

You now know how to subscribe to a Calendar in Brightspace!


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