How to access and use Virtual Classroom Meetings

A Virtual Classroom is an integrated tool in Brightspace provided by Bongo that allows lecturers and students to engage with each other through Livestream video. Virtual Classroom enables live lectures and recordings, provides an online environment for discussion, and group work. 

This article will show you how to:

Virtual Classroom is not supported by the following browsers Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. For best functionality, it is recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox

How to access a Virtual Classroom meeting

Navigate to your Course, on the right column,

1. Navigate to Calendar

2. Click on the meeting

Calendar acess to meetings

A pop-up window will appear.

3. Click on the scheduled meeting

Scheduling meeting

This will open an Overview page,

4. Click on Join

Meeting Overiview

Keep in mind that it is only possible to enter the scheduled meeting only if the moderator has opened the session. 

If this is the first time entering a Virtual Classroom, a pop-up window will appear granting permission to access you information

  1. Tick the box "Do not ask me again for this application" 
  2. Click on Continue
Application access confirmation

It is possible to select how to enter the audio within the Virtual Classroom,

7. Click on the Microphone - to be able to speak or present at any given moment during the meeting


Click on the Listen only -  to only listen and do not intend to speak

Listen only-Microphone functionality

Allow access to your microphone and audio devices when prompted by the system and proceed to the next step. Once the system check is completed, you will be able to enter the session.

When you select the option of joining audio with a microphone, you will be asked to perform a private echo test.

8. Click Yes - if the audio was heard


No - if the audio wasn't heard

Echo test

How to use the different features during the meeting

Once you have chosen the audio type, the Virtual Classroom meeting will open

Virtual classroom student view
1. User list

In the list, you will see different icons and shapes. To learn what they represent please visit the following link: Participant roles in Virtual Classroom and their options.

It is not possible to search for a user within the user list. To be able to find a user, scroll down the user list

By clicking on the Person icon, the user list will appear

The presenter will be highlighted to make it clearer who is Presenting. The user list is firstly sorted by role (Moderator role at the top) then alphabetically.

Participant List
2. Chat

In each meeting, the chat is enabled automatically.

By clicking on the Chat Icon, a public chat of the meeting will open its content will appear on the left of the main screen.

Public chat

It is also possible to have a private chat between two users

3. Recording of the meeting

It is possible to see if the meeting is being recorded,

Recording - the meeting is being recorded

Not Recording - the meeting is not being recorded

Keep in mind that the recording of the Virtual Classroom will be the same link you used to access the scheduled meeting

4. Microphone

Be aware that it is imperative to choose the audio type when entering the Virtual Classroom. If the pop-up window is closed without selecting the audio type (Microphone or Listening only), there won't be the possibility to listen nor speak during the meeting. If that occurs, leave and rejoin the meeting choosing one of the two options.

It is possible to mute or unmute your microphone

5. Leave audio

If you choose this option, you won't be able to hear nor speak during the meeting. To rejoin the meeting with audio, leave the meeting and join again.

It is possible to leave the audio of the meeting

6. Webcam

By clicking on the Webcam icon you are able to share your webcam. A window will pop out with settings before sharing (you can either leave the default settings or change them if you prefer).

Start Sharing button - to share your webcam


Webcam icon - to stop sharing the camera

7. Internet Icon

The bandwidth icon indicates whether the internet connection is strong (green) or weak (red)

8. General session controls

By clicking on the three dot icon in the top right, more options will appear

Dot icon| Session controls
1. Make fullscreen

To view the session of Virtual Classroom in full-screen

2. Settings

It is possible to set extra settings for the ongoing meeting

Session control Settings
  1. Application - to set chat notifications and to adjust the text size
  2. Data savings tab - to set whether to allow webcam and screen sharing
  3. Advanced - to have the option to force both the camera and screen-share traffic to use the TURN server in case your network is not allowing for normal use of the camera or screen-share function within Virtual Classroom
3. About

To know more about the build date, build number, build SHA and branch

4. Leave

To just leave the meeting without ending it

You now know how to access and use a Virtual Classroom meeting in Brightspace!

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