How to pin or unpin a course

Pin a course to have a faster overview of the courses you are currently following. This will make them visible by default on your personal Brightspace WUR homepage.

This article will show you how to:

Once a course is pinned, using any of the options mentioned, it will appear on top of the course list in the Waffle and on your Brightspace homepage under My Courses.

Pin a course using the homepage

Navigate to Brightspace WUR homepage, under My courses:

1. Hover to the course tile in the overview and click on the three dots

2. Click Pin 

The course is now pinned to the homepage, indicated by the Thumbtack.

Thumbtack will appear

Pin a course using the waffle


1. Click on the waffle in the Minibar (or when you are in a course). A downward menu will appear with a list of courses.

2. Click the Thumbtack next to the name of the course to pin it.

To unpin a course, click the Thumbtack again.

A dark Thumbtack means the course is pinned, and a transparent Thumbtack means the course is not pinned

You now know how to pin or unpin a course in Brightspace!

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