How to use the Pulse app? - iOS

Pulse is the app for Brightspace both available to students and teachers. Pulse can be used to easily check (parts of) courses, upcoming events and notifications

Installing Pulse

1. In the App Store search for (Brightspace) Pulse and install the app

2. Open the app, swipe to the 4th page, click Get Started

3. Search for Wageningen University & Research

4. Click Wageningen University & Research, this will open the Brightspace-login screen

5. Enter your WUR-account and password

6. Click Aamelden/Log In

Pulse is now installed with your account information


1. Opening a course in Pulse will open the Content area of a course.

Note: you may miss information (such as descriptions), since you will only see uploaded documents. Therefore, make sure to go to the Course Homepage.

2. To open the Course Homepage or to navigate to Assessments, clicking on Course Homepage will open the course in a browser


1. Click on Notifications

2. Two tabs are available

  • By default the tab Updates will open, this will show any new content or other updates for the courses that are available to you
  • Subscriptions will show any new notifications to subscribed discussion topics



1. When opening Pulse the opening screen is the Courses page

2. Click on a course to open the course page

3. Upcoming will show any past and future events. It is also possible to add events and to do's

4. Notifications will take you to the notifications screen

1. Click on Upcoming

2. Three tabs are available:

  • Work To Do: these are all assessments from both Assessment and Content with a due date
  • Events: will list all calendar items of subscribed courses
  • All: will show the combined Work To Do and Events

3. Clicking on a day will show the Work To Do and/or Events for that day. The graph will show the number of items per day that week

4. Clicking on an Event or Work To Do will open the details of the item in the Brightspace website

5. The checkmark will show the status of the item:

  • A grey checkmark means the item is not yet completed. To complete the item: click on the item and click Mark As Complete at the bottom of the screen
  • A black checkmark means the item is completed

6. Click the + to create a new Event or Work To Do

  • Subscriptions will only show the text of the discussion. Any media will show a notification, but will still have to be opened within a browser
  • Any New Event or Work To Do will only be visible to you, and only in Pulse; they will not be added to the Brightspace environment

New Event

1. Enter a Title for the event

2. Select the course to which the event applies

3. Select the start and end dates

4. If needed, enter a location (for example the room for a group work event)

5. If needed, add additional information or notes

6. Click Save

New Work To Do

1. Enter a Title for the Work To Do

2. Select the course to which the Work To Do applies

3. Select the start dates

4. If known, it is possible to add the Grade Worth of the task

You now know how to use the Pulse app!

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